Thursday, May 7, 2015

7 deadly distractions for every guy

There are a seven deadly distractions all teenage boys face.
All of them involve the internet in one way or another.

Distraction #1 Girls
(sorry gay guys... comment below to petition against me)
Girls are, of course, the biggest distraction invented by God.

There are girls in school, in the family, at the bus stop, in music videos, the movies and, sadly... porn

So of course it's no surprise that most guys wank off at least once a day
...Any subject involving a Laptop is torture for them...

Then there are those of us who can afford not to fap.
I do Karate way too often to masturbate. And besides, I'm more of an emotional person.
I've considered it before, but I've been pretty deprived when I did. So I just ended up falling asleep... or looking at music videos and trolling twitter.

Distraction # 2 Games

Mindcraft players, piss off. Games ruin people. They turn you into this possibly pedophilic individual who should have never been born:

But mostly, you just end up becoming deprived, and addicted.
So what games have I been addicted to?
Here are some links you should NOT click on (hehehe... reverse psychology)

Bubble Trouble -- A game of skill || Deprivation factor: 100%
Grepolis -- A game of strategy || Deprivation factor: 80%
Clash Of Clans -- A game of awesomeness || Deprivation factor: 40%
Tribal Wars -- A game I have long deserted || Deprivation factor: 200%

Grepolis stole two years of my life. I became an infamous member of the world I played in.
I was ShinPads the great, leader of an alliance who trolled everyone... by becoming a double agent for the top two alliances. I was finally eliminated by myself when I realised GCSEs were upon me.

Distraction #3 Blogging

Blogging is addictive...

oh crap. See you around.

*Blog post terminated when Ramin realised he hadn't done his homework for 12 weeks in a row*

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