Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An epic exam

First Maths exam out of the motherfucking way!
Excuse the unprecedented swearing, but I just saw this:

My favourite quote being "right eye... like a subsequent motherfucker"

How do I think the maths exam went?
Like this:

I am the biggest bastard on this planet. Here's why:
The woman at the front of my penis told us to start.
A few guys hyperventilated.
Some girls synchronised their pen clicks amongst other things.
But no matter where you looked, maths papers were being torn to shreds by thinking minds...
Unless of course you look at the desk that was mine.

I waited for two minutes.
The invigilators were shocked.
"Is he one of the dumb ones?" They must have thought,
unaware of my absolute genius.
As slow as Barack Obama's presidential speech, I opened the paper.

Just by looking at it, the question solved itself.
My Wizard Powers exploded, causing the guy next to me to orgasm in agony.
That dimwit struggled with the first part of the first question, while I zoomed to the end of the paper.
Without mercy, I closed it and sat there for ten minutes expecting the exam to end...

Only to realise that I had finished a ninety minute paper in sixteen sexy seconds minutes.

Just to make sure, I looked over it to find any errors.
An error!!!
What do we do?

I came out like a Boss.
Whilst the lower classes discussed their struggles, I walked out knowing I may have just bagged a 100%
That is one step closer to Cambridge.

On the Bus, one of my arch enemies friends made me question something though.
Is Cambridge fun?
I don't know.
I know UCL is fun.
Hmm... I'd love to watch a rap battle between Cambridge and UCL now,
 so I'll put up the closest thing to it in existence.

*Blog post terminated as I went off to do other stuff... like try to come up with a superhero story*

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