Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Still here!

Don't worry planet! I'm still here :D

The reason I haven't written anything recently, people, is because I have dramatically developed a life worthy of person with my calibre! 

In the previous few days I have walked the whole of London in search of awesomeness. During that period, I pretty much said yes to anything that came my way and boy did I adventure!

First, I became mixed up in a searching mission around the whole of London where one searched for clues to find one of several prizes around the city -- reward: free set of headphones. Did I win anything? Yes, but only one :( Which was still enough to keep me happy though.
Then I attended a Mathematical Talk near Liverpool Street. Sure, it was one of the more boring things I've ever done (partially because because I knew EVERYTHING they talked about), but I did get to reunite with one of my former Maths Teachers who told me that he's now studying a phd -- just as I had once recommended to him.
Then of course, I performed a variety of awesome things which I could never have seen myself doing

  • I showed an old man to Euston Station (a place I hadn't even heard of before) and ... regrettably... watched how a woman was robbed of her shopping by two older men. 
  • I went "free-running" with a bunch of youngsters. It was pretty cool until the police interrupted. No charges faced, lucky for me.
  • I got to be "friends" some Police officers. And it turns out, they were into some.. ahem, sexually explicit... movies that I didn't want to be a part of. 
  •  I bumped into a bunch of men wearing suits and running along at full speed. They came from my back so I was honestly shocked to see a filming team in hot pursuit! what on earth, I thought to myself. Later as I was watching Doctor Who on BBC iplayer, it turned out that they were the candidates for The Apprentice. Had I only kidnapped one of them. I would've been rich!
  • I bumped into some religious looking dude. At first I was thinking, damn, another one of those Christian N00bs. It turned out he was Jewish, and thought that I was too. I have no problem with Jews so I just said "Shalom", hugged him and walked away. 
Darn it! My mother is telling me to sleep since I haven't turned the computer off in the last two days... I've been taking this online course on programming languages in hope of writing my own programming language. Don't get me wrong here, I'm awesome at programming; I just don't have the deep theoretical understanding of this course yet. 

So until next time.


P.S. My mother is so going to destroy my computer and blow the Internet Connection. Don't expect anything from me for another few days. 

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