Monday, October 20, 2014

Thoughts vs Actions

I froze.
Today I truly felt how I am a slave to
society. I was just sitting there, staring ahead at the beautiful girl whom I've always wanted to talk to, my two friends urging me to approach. My mind worked in algorithms, computing up to ten different methodologies I could use to initiate conversation.

The best one, in my opinion, was when her friend rested against the window edge to gain wifi access. My plan was to approach her and reason with her that it would be funny if we were to pretend to be old friends (or even lovers) so as to pull a practical prank on her friend -- that is, once she would turn back around. It was beautifully thought out. I had five minutes just to get up... but I didn't do it. It felt as though my legs were stuck to the couch, and my arms were nailed against the walls. I even remembered watching the video on the 6 Rules to success. I remembered most things I had thought about yesterday but it was all in a blurry haze as though I was a different person.

That is why I think that I must meditate today... it will help me feel grounded so that I may draw strength from within.

No clue how centre of balance is maintained here.

My Karate master once told me that there should be no difference in our feeling whether we were to fight on a road, on a boat, on a tree, or even underwater. As far as fighting is concerned, I have abided by this law. But with my personality, not so much. 

Okay, I'm first going to check if I have any homework.
Then, I will meditate. I'll write back on how it felt and all that other creepy stuff. In case you're wondering where I got my 'How to meditate guide' from... then let me just say that I hacked it from a secret psychokinetic society a while back -- yeah, creepy.

Anyway, Adios amigo... at least for now. :D

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